5 Reasons To Ditch Your Dentures For Implants

5 Reasons To Ditch Your Dentures For Implants


So you’ve been dealing with dentures for a while – what do you think of them? If you’re like a lot of denture wearers you’re probably not totally happy, and with good reason! We’ve seen countless denture wearers at our West Chester office, and most every single one of them has had a good reason not to like their teeth.

We struggled to find a way to reduce our list of the worst things about dentures to just five things. There are a ton of reasons dentures are miserable to put up with, and a list this short is just scratching the surface.

#1: They’re Unreliable

Have you ever gone a whole day without denture mishaps? If so, consider yourself lucky. Plenty of people deal with unreliable dentures throughout the day. They slip, they fall out, and they fail to stay suctioned in place with for simplest activities.

Dentures are designed to stay put, but let’s be honest: using suction to hold a whole set of teeth in place is just unrealistic. Even the best pastes and adhesives are mediocre at best – they usually just end up making your mouth feel gross and sticky.

#2: Your Diet Is Restricted

A lot of foods come off the table when dentures enter your life, and those that remain have to be cut up into tiny little bits just to be chewable. Nothing is more frustrating than going to a family or social function and struggling to eat.

A lot of denture patients end up suffering from malnutrition, and the trouble with eating is the main culprit. Your dentures shouldn’t cause your health to suffer – they’re designed to keep your day-to-day living as happy and easy as possible!

#3: You Can’t Taste The Foods You Can Eat

Your palate plays a huge role in your ability to taste, which most people don’t think about if they don’t wear dentures. It’s bad enough that your diet is limited by your dentures, and the fact that they obstruct your ability to taste is just adding insult to injury.

When eating becomes a chore it becomes something a lot of people avoid. It’s a hassle, it’s difficult, and the rewards simply aren’t there. So why keep struggling with eating? That’s the challenge that confronts a lot of denture patients.

#4: They Irritate Your Gums

It’s common for denture wearers to complain of gum irritation, hives, and rashes caused by their dentures. All the weight, force, and constant pressure on your gums isn’t what they were designed for. The longer they’re subjected to those forces the harder it gets to keep wearing them!

For many denture wearers this means spending more time at home not wearing their dentures. This can have a huge impact on your social life – not something you should have to be coping with during your golden years!

#5: They’re A Hassle To Keep Clean

At the end of the day your dentures have to be cleaned, and that means soaking them. Cleaning your dentures can be a real hassle that costs money, clutters your bathroom, and leaves you facing your lack of permanent teeth every day.

The psychological effects of wearing dentures lead to depression, frustration, and a sense of your own mortality. Your teeth shouldn’t make you that miserable.

The Alternative: Permanent Teeth

What if you could get rid of your dentures and replace them with a pair of teeth that stayed put permanently? It’s not only possible, but it’s a simple procedure at our West Chester office!

Using dental implants we can set you up with a full-mouth bridge on each arch. That bridge gets attached and then stays there permanently – all you need to do to take care of it is brush just like you used to.

You’ll be able to eat with ease, smile without worry, and live just like you used to before your dentures. The All-On-4 implant method is truly remarkable, and we want to be able to share all its benefits with you!

If you want to find out just what All-On-4 dental implants can do for your smile you should call the office of Dr. K.C. Sykora, DDS, today. We’ll use our advanced imaging technology to get the perfect picture of your smile and show you just how great life without dentures can be!

You can reach us by calling 610-314-7534 or you can request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!