Cutting-Edge Technology

It’s the 21st century, and your teeth deserve 21st-century care. That means utilizing the latest technology to ensure that your teeth are being treated with the most advanced techniques.

At K.C. Sykora DDS, we have taken extra steps to surround ourselves and our patients with state-of-the-art technologies, which are used during the simplest preventive procedures to the most complicated full-mouth reconstructions. We believe in making an investment in your dental health.

3D CT Images

You will also benefit from our in-house CT scanner. This tool has revolutionized radiographic diagnosis. Unlike traditional “flat” two-dimensional radiographs, this technology enables us to digitally examine your mouth with 1/10th of a millimeter accuracy in THREE dimensions, revealing structures and conditions our old x-rays only hinted at.

Carbon Dioxide Laser

Our carbon dioxide laser enables us to quickly complete an array of soft tissue procedures with little or no bleeding or pain and with improved healing.

The DentalVibe

There are millions of Americans who cringe when they think about the the shot! In some cases, people avoid the dentist at all costs and never fix their dental problems. That’s a shame, because we can address that fear with one small device.

Don’t like the painful dental shots? Who does?

The DentalVibe has been transforming terrified patients into dedicated dental patients at our office for years. The handheld device applies vibration to the area just beside the injection site. The nerve impulses from the vibration travel faster than the nerve impulses from the shot. Both impulses travel through the same junction box, and because the vibration impulses travel faster, the brain only receives the message that vibration happened.

The shot is over before you even realize it – and it’s virtually pain-free!


The DEXIS CariVu is an incredible new tool that allows us to see into your tooth! It uses near-infrared light to transilluminate (pass light through) your tooth. With one look, we can see the smallest sign of decay. If we can catch your cavity sooner, we can treat it quickly. Small cavities are almost always more comfortable to fix than large cavities, which means you have a much better experience at the dentist!

Digital X-Rays

Before we start any treatment, we need to fully understand what exactly is going on inside your mouth. Digital radiography aids us in diagnosing dental problems and determining the most appropriate treatment. Our phosphor plate x-ray sensor system gives us the comfort of traditional x-ray films, with the convenience of digital imaging.  It’s even environmentally friendly, as the old wet x-ray chemicals are a thing of the past.
We also have the latest wired digital x-ray sensor that delivers instant images onto the computer for quick diagnosis.  Both systems have reduced our patients’ x-ray exposure by 60-70% as compared to the traditional film systems of eight or so years ago.


It’s impossible for us to see everything going on in your mouth with our eyes. The DIAGNOdent system uses laser light to identify tooth decay. Enamel that has been affected by decay fluoresces or glows proportionately to the extent of the decay when exposed to the DIAGNOdent laser pen. The device gives us a numerical reference that tells us when a cavity needs to be treated.


Recognized by the World Health Organization, the award-winning VELscope is the world’s most widely used adjunctive device for the enhanced visualization of oral mucosal abnormalities, such as oral cancer or pre-malignant dysplasia.