4 Reasons Why Dental Crowns Are Great For Smiles

4 Reasons Why Dental Crowns Are Great For Smiles

It’s not hard to find yourself with cracked or chipped teeth by now. That’s why you need to call Dr. Sykora today at 610-314-7534 and schedule your next appointment to include a dental crown. These restorative dentistry treatments can both repair and beautify your damaged teeth.

What Might Have Gone Wrong With Your Teeth

You use your teeth a lot each day. That means there is a lot that can go wrong. Between tooth decay, sports injuries, and accidents, you could have teeth with:

  • Dark stains (including ones too deep to remove)
  • Worn biting edges and surfaces
  • Irregular shapes
  • Large cavities

You can even be missing a tooth. Thankfully, Dr. Sykora can help all of those problems with dental crowns.

Dental Crowns Restore Your Smile

What are dental crowns? They’re caps that fit snugly over your teeth. Each dental crown is shaped and colored to look like your healthy teeth. A dental crown procedure is routine for an experienced dentist like Dr. Sykora.

Here are several ways dental crowns will help restore your smile.

Replace missing teeth

Sometimes, you lose a tooth due to an injury or accident. Other times, you lose a tooth due to gum disease or a cavity too big to repair. Either way, you end up with an unsightly gap in your smile. This is more than a bad look. That gap creates other problems such as making your other teeth crooked and having trouble chewing.

That’s why you need to call our West Chester, PA dental office today. A dental bridge or a dental implant both use dental crowns to replace lost teeth. Thanks to Dr. Sykora’s skill, you can get a full smile once again.

Prevent damage from getting worse

Chips and cracks are more than just a cosmetic problem. They can threaten the whole tooth. That’s because such damage tends to get worse over time. You have to keep chewing, and all that pressure tends to widen cracks. Chips weaken your enamel, making it more likely to crack again or break.

Call us today at 610-314-7534 to get dental crowns expertly placed over those teeth. The crown adds a layer of protection, preventing chips and cracks from getting any worse. Dental crowns will also hide that cosmetic problem, too.

Strengthen teeth weakened by infections

Cavities are created by harmful bacteria in your mouth. However, they can also get inside your teeth and infect the dental pulp there. Not only is this very painful, it makes your enamel brittle. Infected teeth are easy to break and fracture.

A root canal will remove the infection, but you need a dental crown to strengthen the tooth. Because the crown will cover the visible part of your tooth, it’s like adding an extra layer of enamel to your tooth.

Repair cavities too big for a normal filling

When it comes to dental problems, cavities remain at number one. They are easily the most common problem you’ll face. However, what many people do not realize is that enamel has no nerve endings.

That means you could have a cavity without knowing it. Because cavities keep growing until treated, you could easily have a cavity too big for a dental filling. The fillings just doesn’t have enough healthy enamel to bond with.

That’s why you need to call our West Chester, PA dental office today and get a dental crown. Dr. Sykora will remove the bacteria and carefully place the dental crown over the whole tooth. This seals up the cavity so it doesn’t get worse. It also strengthens the tooth and makes it look much better.

Call us TODAY at 610-314-7534 or use our convenient online form to make your next appointment for dental crowns. As you can see, these restorative dentistry treatments fix many problems. If you have chipped, cracked, or even missing teeth, a dental crown from Dr. Sykora can help.