Invisalign: The Key To Unlocking Great Oral Health For Life

Invisalign: The Key To Unlocking Great Oral Health For Life

Are you prone to cavities, gum disease, or other minor dental health issues? Have you ever considered that your misaligned teeth may be the culprits? It’s true — alignment issues can encourage bad bacteria in the mouth and increase the likelihood of developing infections.

Our West Chester, PA dental team can help treat the recurring problem of infection and decay with one simple solution: Invisalign.

Orthodontic treatment can help align your teeth and end the cycle of poor oral health that you have been experiencing. Read on to learn more about how Invisalign alignment therapy can help you unlock the potential for great lifelong oral health.


“I keep getting cavities or showing signs of gum disease, but my hygiene and nutrition habits are impeccable!”

If this is you, we can help. We understand the struggle — some of our patients have gone through the very same thing. Many times, when a patient gets caught in a cycle of poor oral health, they are doing something wrong. Either they maintain a poor diet or they aren’t taking care of their teeth and gums like they should from a hygiene standpoint.

If you’re doing both of those things correctly, it can be frustrating to get stuck on repeat. If you are tired of dealing with the constant need for treatment, you aren’t alone. You can get started with Invisalign today.


“But how does it work? How does having straighter teeth make a difference?”

The answer to this one is simple: Invisalign properly aligns your teeth and eliminates unnecessary hiding places for bacteria and other gunk. When your teeth are crowded together (as so many patients’ teeth with alignment issues are), it can be extremely difficult to reach every nook and cranny to properly clean them.

This isn’t your fault — a toothbrush simply won’t reach.

This also usually means that you can’t get dental floss in between your teeth. But guess what? Bacteria can still get in there. Overcrowded teeth can become a safe haven for all sorts of disease- and decay-causing bacteria.

Invisalign, our short-term orthodontic solution to misaligned teeth, can help you. By straightening your teeth, we can help eradicate those hiding places and rid your mouth of the overabundance of bad bacteria.

Invisalign can help you end the cycle and get you back on track to a healthy mouth for the rest of your life.


“What is Invisalign exactly and how does it straighten teeth?”

Invisalign is an orthodontic solution made up of a series of clear plastic trays that gradually shift your teeth into place.

The trays are generated from digital impressions of your teeth and a customized plan of alignment. You change out the trays every two weeks to create the results you want. Over a period of about 12 months, you will see the difference Invisalign can make not only in your appearance, but also in the health of your smile.

The gentle pressure created by the trays will shift your teeth into the proper position. While you may feel some pressure from this process, it should be completely pain-free and easy to manage.

You will be able to see the results very quickly and notice changes in your oral health soon after. Let us help you get the beautiful, straight smile you want AND help you get rid of the bacteria wreaking havoc in your mouth.


“Why should I choose Invisalign over another form of orthodontics?”

As stated before, Invisalign is a comfortable, easy-to-manage treatment option. The same cannot be said of all forms of orthodontics. Traditional braces can be associated with painful wire-tightening sessions and sharp metal edges in your mouth. Invisalign trays are made of plastic — no metal to rub your cheeks or gums.

Invisalign also offers a greater convenience factor than traditional orthodontics because the trays can (and sometimes should be) removed! If you want to eat, drink, or brush your teeth, simply remove the aligners. Try that with traditional braces! These aligners really shouldn’t ever be in your way.

Did we mention that they are invisible? Other doctors can offer alternatives to traditional braces that are more tooth-colored or otherwise more aesthetically appealing, but Invisalign is almost completely invisible to the naked eye. We know that it’s important for some people to maintain an image, so we want to help you to continue to look great while you’re going through treatment.

If you are ready to get started with Invisalign, please schedule a consultation. We can help you eliminate those hiding places and end the cycle of infection and decay once and for all. Just call us at 610-314-7534. We’d be happy to help.