Want To Smile? Get A Dental Crown

Want To Smile? Get A Dental Crown

Damaged teeth can make it hard to eat without trouble. Discomfort, pain, or just not being able to chew properly gets annoying fast. Call our West Chester, PA dental office today at 610-314-7534 to get dental crowns. These can help you eat pain-free once again.

Don’t Settle For A Damaged Smile

After spending years doing dental missionary work in Papua New Guinea, Dr. Sykora has seen what happens when people do not get dental crowns. You deserve a smile full of healthy, attractive, and undamaged teeth. That’s exactly what our dental crowns can give you.

Until you do, you can have discomfort or pain every time you bite down. Food isn’t just a necessity. It helps us feel good. After a long day, a tasty meal is something you should look forward to. That’s why dental crowns are so important.

5 Ways Dental Crowns Can Make You Smile

Here are five ways dental crowns from K. C. Sykora DDS: Family & Implant Dentistry can make you smile.

1. Replace a lost or removed tooth with dental bridges.

When you are missing a tooth, you can easily have trouble chewing. You might even have trouble pronouncing your words correctly. At the least, your smile doesn’t look right.

That’s why you need to call us today at 610-314-7534 to get that tooth replaced with a dental bridge. Our team can place the bridge without surgery, and Dr. Sykora has the advanced training needed to make sure it’s done right. After getting one of our dental bridges, your smile will work again.

2. Replace a lost or removed tooth with dental implants.

There’s another way you can replace a missing tooth and keep your smile working like normal. Dental implants have a replacement tooth like dental bridges, but these include an implanted root. It’s very similar to your natural teeth, which is why dental implants work so well.

In dental school, Dr. Sykora was recognized as the Top Clinician in his class. That means he not only received great training, he applied it incredibly well. By calling our West Chester, PA dental office today, you can schedule an appointment for a dental implant with a dentist who does incredible work. Plus, you’ll get your smile back.

3. Keep a damaged tooth from fracturing open.

Sometimes, you damage a tooth and it’s not immediately a problem. A chipped tooth looks bad, but you might not feel pain. However, there are times when a tooth is severely damaged. It might fracture open, causing you a lot of pain.

When you call us today at 610-314-7534, you can get a dental crown carefully placed over that damaged tooth. This holds the tooth firmly as well as protects the damage. Because he is very experienced with dental crowns, Dr. Sykora knows how to place them gently but successfully over damaged teeth.

4. Repair a cavity too big for fillings, inlays, or onlays.

Another reason Dr. Sykora uses dental crowns is that they can repair cavities. The problem is that enamel has no nerve endings. You can have a cavity and not know it. Until Dr. Sykora can treat it, the cavity will get bigger and bigger. Eventually, it will be too big for other treatments.

Call our West Chester, PA dental office today to schedule your next appointment for a dental crown. It can repair even large cavities and save your tooth.

5. Make a discolored or irregularly shaped tooth look great.

It’s not hard to find you have an irregular tooth. Some people are born with them. Others have cosmetic damage like chips or worn edges. Then there’s the discoloration. Intrinsic stains are too deep to lift with teeth whitening.

By calling us today, you can take the first step to correcting all of those problems. The dental crowns used by Dr. Sykora are made to look like healthy, attractive versions of the teeth they cover. As soon as it’s placed, you’ll only be able to find a normal tooth.

You deserve a working, attractive smile. Call us today at 610-314-7534 to schedule your next appointment for dental crowns. Dr. Sykora has been using dental crowns long enough to know how important they are. After you get your teeth repaired and beautified with dental crowns, so will you.