What To Do When Restorations Fail On You

What To Do When Restorations Fail On You

Are you having problems with some dental work you had done in the past? Nothing lasts forever is a trite phrase, and it’s not exactly helpful. That’s why you should call our West Chester, PA dental office today at 610-314-7534. Dr. Sykora has an incredible variety of experiences and training, so he can repair restorative dental treatments that fail on you.

Why Failing Dental Restorations Are A Problem

The whole point of a dental restoration is to give you back a working, attractive smile. That’s why they repair damage and replace lost teeth. When a restorative dentistry treatment fails, you can experience pain, discomfort, difficulty chewing, and more.

Even if you have a restoration that’s just loose or only starting to have problems, you need to call our West Chester, PA dental office today. Unless you plan on not using your teeth anymore, a loose crown or implant will definitely get worse.

What To Do About Failed Dental Restorations

Our dental team has been placing and repairing dental restorations for many years. We have the experience and advanced training you want from a dentist. Here are some specific ways we can help.

– A dental crown feels loose or has even fallen off your tooth.

Dental crowns are a great way to repair a damaged tooth. They also make a tooth look great since crowns are made to look like healthy teeth. They cover the visible part of your tooth completely, held tightly by a bonding agent. However, any type of adhesive or bond can weaken over time.

Call us immediately at 610-314-7534 if you have a crown that’s loose or comes off. Dr. Sykora has been practicing dentistry for years and knows how to restore a loose crown. You’ll soon have your smile back.

– A filling has fallen out of the cavity.

Cavities are holes in your enamel. The easiest way to repair them is with a dental filling. These are bonded to the healthy enamel surrounding the hole. As with dental crowns, that bond can get weak after years of chewing food. You could suddenly find that filling in your hand.

That’s when you need to call our West Chester, PA dental office for an appointment. Fillings can be replaced, and Dr. Sykora has the training necessary to know whether you need a new filling, inlay, onlay, or dental crown. Either way, your tooth will be protected and strong again.

– An inlay or onlay has slipped off your tooth.

Fillings aren’t the only way to repair a cavity. Inlays and onlays are used when a cavity is a little too big for a regular filling. They’re bonded to your enamel like fillings, and that’s why they can suddenly come off a tooth.

By calling us today, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Sykora to replace the restoration. A new inlay or onlay might work, but you might need a dental crown instead. Thankfully, Dr. Sykora knows which is best and will only recommend treatments that are necessary.

– A dental implant is loose, or the replacement tooth is damaged.

Dental implants are designed to last 20 years or more. However, life can sometimes be uncooperative with such plans. Just like you can damage a tooth, you can damage the replacement tooth in a dental implant. In rare cases, the implant itself can be loose.

Call us today for an appointment to repair your dental implant. You might just need the tooth replaced. Dr. Sykora has the training and experience needed to both replace that artificial tooth or repair the implanted root. Either way, you’ll be pain-free and able to eat normally again.

– A root canal tooth is starting to hurt badly again.

When an infection creeps into one of your teeth, you need a root canal. This restorative dentistry treatment saves your tooth by removing the infection. However, there is a rare chance that the infection will return. If you have a toothache with a tooth that had a root canal in the past, that could be why.

And that’s why you need to call our West Chester, PA dental office today. The infection will only get worse. Dr. Sykora can spot infections by using digital X-rays. If he sees it, his training allows him to safely remove the infection.

Call us today at 610-314-7534 to repair your dental restorations. Our team helps people every day with restorative dentistry, so we have the experience necessary to know how to repair your dental work. Don’t wait and endure the pain and embarrassment of a failed restoration.