Why Not Getting A Root Canal Is The Problem

Why Not Getting A Root Canal Is The Problem

If you have a toothache (even one that comes and goes), you need to call our West Chester, PA dental office today at 610-314-7534. Toothaches are a sign of a bacterial infection in your tooth. Without treatment, you can lose the tooth.

Thankfully, Dr. Sykora has extensive experience treating toothaches with root canals. With his training and some local anesthetic, your root canal can be simple and painless. Best of all, it can save your tooth.

How Your Teeth Get Infected

Even if you brush and floss regularly, you probably have some harmful bacteria in your mouth. It’s all but impossible to get rid of them all. They survive on food particles that get trapped in your mouth after you eat and drink.

When these bacteria grow on your teeth, they create cavities. However, your enamel has no nerve endings. That means cavities could be growing and you’ll have no clue. That’s why cleaning your teeth is so important. If you skip brushing or visiting our West Chester, PA dental office twice each year, you could be letting bacteria grow out of control. (If it’s been a while since your last visit, call us at 610-314-7534 and schedule a dental cleaning and dental exam.)

Eventually, those harmful bacteria can get inside your teeth. That’s often because a cavity breaks through the enamel. Once inside, the bacteria infect the dental pulp inside your tooth. This is where all the tooth’s blood vessels and nerve endings can be found. As the infection spreads, it starts to really hurt. Worse, it starts making your tooth brittle.

Call us today if you have a toothache. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that your tooth will either break from being too brittle or need to be extracted. Thankfully, Dr. Sykora has the advanced training necessary to save your tooth with a root canal.

Why Painless Root Canals Help

A root canal is a restorative dentistry treatment that can prevent the loss of your tooth. It also ends the pain you feel. That’s because Dr. Sykora can use the treatment to carefully and expertly remove the infected dental pulp. By removing the infection, you get rid of the bacteria triggering the nerve endings in the tooth.

Root canals save teeth because, if the infection is still there, it will spread until the blood vessels and nerves are destroyed. At this point, it’s only a matter of time until you break the tooth.

What Happens During A Root Canal

Root canals are standard restorative dentistry treatments. Here’s how they go.

  • Our team takes digital X-rays to locate the infection inside your tooth.
  • The tooth and surrounding area are cleaned.
  • Local anesthetic is used to completely numb the tooth and gums.
  • Even getting local anesthetic is painless thanks to our DentalVibe system.
  • A small opening is made in the tooth.
  • Dr. Sykora uses specialized tools to carefully remove the infected dental pulp.
  • The space left behind is filled with a special inert material.
  • A bioceramic sealer is used to strengthen and seal up the tooth.

That’s it. Once Dr. Sykora has used a root canal on your tooth, it will be pain-free and strong once again.

Call us TODAY at 610-314-7534 to schedule your next appointment. Root canals are not painful. With our advanced technology and Dr. Sykora’s expert training, the real problem is not getting a root canal. Don’t ignore a toothache, even if it comes and goes. You don’t want to lose that tooth.